End of an era

A long time ago, I developed a couple of small shareware products: Ugly Multiclip (a simple clipboard manager) and Ugly CD Player (a small CD player application design to take up only a small amount of screen real estate).

These applications were both developed with Codewarrior using PowerPlant as the framework, and as a result these are PowerPC apps. Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”) does not support PowerPC applications, and as a result these no longer work. Furthermore, there isn’t an easy way to simply just recompile these projects and make them run on Lion. Furthermore, even if they could be rebuilt fairly easily, they could really use a thorough rework to modernize their user interfaces.

So, as of now these products are officially unsupported. There’s a chance that one or both may be resurrected in the future as time permits, but I’m in no position to make an announcement to that effect at this time.

To those who purchased these products in the past, I thank you for your support.

  • bewarecoward